This week, I chose to do my Looking Outwards of Chloe Varelidi. Her portfolio can be found here.

Chloe Varelidi is a game designer that focuses on building playful products to encourage children to “be creative, kind, and curious about the world behind them” (quote from Chloe’s portfolio). She received her Masters in Fine Arts at Parsons’ Design and Technology Program and has since worked at Quest to Learn, Institute of Play, Mozilla, and now littleBits.

I specifically admire her projects for littleBits, codekit and a minicade. that I find particularly interesting. At littleBits, she works as a senior product design strategist. The codeKit is a small introduction kit of magnets and electrical items that create an interactive activity that teaches coding. The minicade is an open source mobile web application that encourages children to make short (40 line) games with their friends. This project aims to also teach coding but in an interactive and “silly” way.

Caption: Chloe says in the future, she hopes that the minicade can become a pop-up structure at any city corner, like the one in the picture above.



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