Daily tous les jours is a company that creates interactive pieces in a public setting. Mouna Andraos who founded the company Daily tous les jours and she has a principal saying that “The design studio uses technology and storytelling to explore collaboration, the future of cities and the power of humans. They are best known for their work in public spaces, where passing crowds are invited to play a critical role in the transformation of their environment and their relationships. Their projects lie at the intersection of digital arts, performance and placemaking, utilizing contemporary tools that range from sensors, cameras, mobile phones and real-time data, to musical instruments, dance choreographies, writing, food and meditation.”

Her works are mostly presented in a public setting where all types of people can interact and bring positive change to the society that they present their work in.

One of their companies project was the Market Street Prototyping and it is shown in the Video.

Daily tous les jours website

Mouna Andraos bio



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