hyt-Looking-Outwards-10: Chris Sugrue

Chris Sugrue is an audiovisual artist, experimental designer, programmer and educator. Coincidentally, the eye-tracking assignment that we did last week was in fact developed by her as well — an augmented smart device that allows drawing and writing through eye movements.

One of my favorite artworks of hers is Delicate Boundaries (2007), an interactive installation that dissolves the boundary between digital flat screens and physical space, specifically using human body as a “medium” to explore our relationship between these spaces. She created projections of tiny bugs that are able to climb from the screens onto your arms and hands. In a way, the illusory projection confuses our sense of virtuality and reality.

From a technical perspective, the project was written in openFrameworks on C++ platform, as well as incorporating the use of digital projector, video camera, and infrared lightings in order to detect human movements. I think these interactive installations are very intriguing and informative and I hope to reference these artworks into my own practice.

Press converage of the artist and project: https://news.gestalten.com/news/delicate-boundaries

More on Chris Sugrue’s website: http://csugrue.com/

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