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Filtered Transparencies – LISBON 2015 from Filipa Valente on Vimeo.

Filtered Transparencies is an dynamic, interactive installation that manipulates the users’ experience within a space through different sensual elements. The installation uses multiple layers of light streams and sound to surround the user inside the project and allow for a unique experience. What is interesting about this project is how the artist creates an intangible but clearly-present space. There is nothing concrete or structural in the project (even the screens that light is projected are light and transparent), yet the user feels as though there are some sort of massive elements that are surrounding them because of the illusions created by the “filters” of sensual elements. The installation is also interactive in that people could manipulate themselves the kind of environment that they are in.

user immersed in created space
tangible space
layered screens and experience

The artist, Filipa Velante is an architect and environmental designer based in the US. She did her studies in Architecture both at the undergraduate and graduate level at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Additionally, she completed her Masters in Media Art and Architecture Mediascapes at SciArc, LA. Based on the projects that are curated on her website, one can clearly notice her concentration on experiential design, whether in the form of architectural projects or media installations like Filtered Transparencies. Many of her projects are those that engage the public through the incorporation of environment and senses, as is manifested in this particular project, as well.

Velante originally designed the installation for the Paseo Festival in Taos, New Mexico in September 2014. Later on, a further developed version was commissioned for the WEDO User Group 2015 conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

More information on the project can be found on the Project Page

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