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A gameplay still of “The Game: The Game”
An extremely disturbing image of “The Game: The Game”

A project that I thought was incredibly admirable was Angela Washko’s video game The Game: The Game. The title refers to a common phrase in the self proclaimed “seduction community.” For context, the members of the seduction community, to put it bluntly, aim to have sex with as many women as humanly possible and treat them like trash (this is unfortunately an accurate description). The Game: The Game is a point and click game where you play as a single female. The purpose of the goal is to see if you can distinguish average normal guys from members of the seduction community. I personally think that it is good that she is shedding light on this heinous group, and spreading social awareness. I wasn’t able to find that much information on her background. It was difficult for me to find information on her background. She graduated from from Temple University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and received a masters of fine arts at the University of California. Additionally, she won the Terminal Award for her video “Chastity,” and has had her art featured in several exhibits. Angela has worked on several other projects which fight for gender acceptance and women’s rights (Wikipedia, sect. 1-6).

Link to Angela’s Vimeo

Link to Angel’s main page on The Game: The Game

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