Heather Kelley is a media artist and game designer. She is also co-founder of the Kokoromi-experimental game collective- and faculty of Entertainment Technology Center CMU. Yes! she is one of the faculty of the program I’m in right now. I have talked with her some times to get some feedback about my own project, she always gives good inspiration and critiques.  The video is about she talking about the public future of the game at TED. But here, I’m going to talk about one of her work ‘Superhypercube’.


‘Superhypercube’ is a VR first  person puzzler game launched for playstationVR. In this game, head tracking is critical to accomplish player’s goal. The theme for game is very retro feeling and she also brings the light and space art movement. This game is not only just game but also interactive art.

Heather Kelley(portrait)

As a game designer and media artist, she has created many and diverse works. You can check her tremendous work pieces on her website.

Heather Kelley’s website

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