WE is an interactive, immersive sound installation by the studio Let’s and specifically designed and programmed by Andy Arkley, Peter Lynch, and Courtney Barnebey. First exhibited in Seattle’s MadArt event, WE’s creators wanted to create a place where a shared community and experience could be built-moving beyond people interacting with the piece but also with each other. The project allows for up to 12 participants where they can interact with controllers to create musical sequences. The installation used light bulbs, music, and mapped video projections to synchronize with the music and create an overwhelming, sensual experience. What makes this interactive sound installation unique from others is that this machine doesn’t stay silent when there aren’t any participants; making it more initially inviting to participants. Any one can also start interacting with the controllers and feel like they’re not messing up any previously established sound because the musical sequences aligned to the controllers are programmed to synchronize with each other. So even though participants have choice in what to play, all of the sounds still work well together. I think this feature is what makes this piece particularly successful.


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