Above: screenshot of Carsten Nicolai’s work from vimeo. (click image for video)

The only sound artist I knew of prior to this assignment was Ryoji Ikeda, so through searching “artists like Ryoji Ikeda” I found the following article. Carsten Nicolai piqued my interest because of his work in “altering audiovisual perception”. I think it’s interesting how we often blend our 5 senses; perhaps we visually represent sound or taste, or aurally represent touch. I can see there being pre-determined constraints mapping one variable to another so one sensory input informs the other.

It is nevertheless interesting that despite his work in representing sound visually, the visuals he makes sounds very sterile and technical. He seems to emphasize texture and lines, but I’m interested to see what computation could do with colors as well.

Above: screenshot from google images of Nicolai’s work


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