[project 1 – Freeform | Interactive Reload Nr.1 by Rosanna Casalnuovo ]

“Freeform | Interactive Reload Nr.1” by Rosanna Casalnuovo is part of a series of interactive graphics with different geometrical compositions and colors realized with generative code. I admire the use of an array of vibrant colors in this project, something that I would hopefully be able to incorporate into my own project. I also find the balance between randomness yet the presence of an underlying structure in this project compelling, successfully making it an interesting interactive piece of work. An opportunity they might have overlooked is having a clear intent of their project. While the project is overall an interesting one, it just seems to be an interactive piece of work that is abstract and most likely programmed recreationally. By incorporating an intent, the project might become stronger and more meaningful.

[project 2 – Ring by Lucas Cabral]

“Ring” by Lucas Cabral, is another dynamic piece of work, in which the program creates distinct rings according to its accompanying sound. It attempts to emphasize that there is in fact a visual component in music as well, and overall plays around with the concept of sound visualization. The dynamic rings that appear on the screen reminded me of a kaleidoscope as well fireworks, which creates a relevance to my final project. I also enjoyed how the visuals changed depending on which part of the song was playing, along with the color of the rings. It would have been great if the artist took a further step forward and created more of these rings, creating a perception of depth and emphasizing the dynamism of the work.

Link | [project 1]

Work | Rosanna Casalnuovo. Interactive Reload Nr.1. 11.06.2017


Link | [project 2]

Work | Lucas Cabral. Ring. 10.26.2017

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