elizabew – Looking Outwards – 11 – sectionE

Atlås from binaura on Vimeo.

For a computational music piece, I decided to look into Agoston Nagy’s work, Atlås—a guided and generative music experience made for iOS. What I really admire about this application is that not only does it let users discover and create music with “interactive sonic sounds”, but it allows users to be transferred to a beautiful digital environment that is visually unlike traditional music. It generates tasks in between spaces that are solved by the application itself within the digital environment ( without the need for users to know how to solve it) which helps to make the application more than just a “music maker.

The app is made using javascript and the p5js library that is embedded in a Swift iOS application. The sound is written in Pure Data—”a graphical programming language to develop interactive sonic events”.

Agoston Nagy says that he wanted to create something that creates a narrative which would help to guide users through an experience. He wanted to bring up thought provoking questions that are focused on communication between people. He applied these thoughts into the app by bringing up these questions in between the music experiences.

Screenshots of the application—questions appear throughout the computational music experience

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