For this week’s Looking Outwards, I chose Maxime Causeret’s computer generated video and music work, “Order from Chaos”. The work is a blend of computationally generated biological forms and simulations, and computer generated music. Causeret aimed to represent the idea of emergence in the audio and visuals in his video, and even generated the rhythm of the track in an emergent manner. He took audio samples of rain falling, and mapped the transients for the drips, and forced the mapped points towards the nearest drumming grid positions using the computer. The result was that a steady rhythm emerged, and over this audio he added layers and layers of different instruments. He used computer animation to simulate complex biological processes such as endosymbiosis, flocking behavior, etc. The creators artistic sensibilities are clearly manifested in the final work, seeing his other works and his fascination with biological processes on the microscopic scale, and his use of bright, thin lines. I admire this project because of its consistency in the theme of emergence, in all aspects of the video including visuals, sound, etc. The forms displayed are simply mesmerizing and morph into each other beautifully, and the music is enchanting. The whole video seems otherworldly to me, and I really admire that.


Max Cooper – Order from Chaos – Official Video by Maxime Causeret from Max Cooper on Vimeo.

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