svitoora – Looking Outward 11

Break Free by Taryn Southern is a music track and video art that is created using artificial intelligence. I admire the merging of human and machine in this project. Although the music track is generated via artificial intelligence the vocal lyrics are still handwritten by the artist herself.  The raw footage is most likely shot by hand, by edited via artificial intelligence. The video art is also further manipulated in an algorithm similar to Google’s deep mind. Since the song is set to pop music tune, it begs the question of what does making music mean in an age of automation. Can one automate the art of music making? If so, what does it mean to humans who once thought that art and music were the highest echelons of human creativity? Could good music and art be deconstructed simply into just a pattern of stimuli that simply engages the human mind at an aesthetic level? These are the question of the age of automation.

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