Yuri Suzuki

The artist I am choosing for this Looking Outwards is actually the same from my Looking Outwards 08: Yuri Suzuki. I wanted to explore his projects more in depth and choose another one that drew me in.

Suzuki’s project This Looks Like Music takes a whimsical approach to computational music. Suzuki created an audiovisual installation for Mudam Publics Summer Project – the project consists of a mini robot that detects and follows a black line on paper. The robot responds to colored reference points and translates it into sound. I imagine that the robots sense and calculate the color of the markers (kind of like this week’s assignment) and outputs a sound that corresponds to it.

The best part about this installation is that it invites the audience to co-create the music (the audience includes small children!). Having an interactive installation makes it much more relatable and tangible, especially for something like music.

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