For my Final Project, I’d like to create a multiplayer asymmetric cooperation visual novel-ish game.  Breaking that down, I want to make a 2-player game (where each player uses a different computer) that gives each player a different experience and requires them to work together to advance, presented mainly via text with some possible image interaction.

Requirements: 1- 2 player functionality;2- Different events for each player;3-  Text presentation;4- Player inputs

To accomplish the 2 player functionality, since I won’t be able to create some type of pipeline that actually allows each players’ game to interact with one another, the game will, at the start, ask the player to be either Player 1 or Player 2, with different events being displayed throughout the game depending on which player they chose.  The events of each player will then work as a sort of manual for solving the puzzles/tasks of the other player’s events, and vice versa.  To make sure each player is paced at about the same speed through the game, I could implement text that auto continues to compensate for different reading speeds, or I could implement “stop” screens that tell players to not continue until both players are ready.

For the text presentation, minimally, I could just have the text appear on screen and then change either after the player clicks or after a set amount of time.  What I would prefer to do, however, is have the text “write itself out” one letter at a time and accompany that with a little writing sound effect, but I don’t know how difficult that would be to implement.

For player inputs, I’m currently thinking of dialogue options, where multiple choices would be presented on screen and the player would need to choose the correct one or incur a penalty.  I’m thinking of also accompanying this with a visible timer-bar that shortens as time passes, giving the player limited time to communicate with their partner to find the right answer.  Depending on how this goes, I might implement more ways to interact with the system.

Example of what it might kinda look like

I know this might sound like a lot, and maybe it is, but I’m pretty confident that I can do this, or at least a proof-of-concept that’s a few minutes. (also sorry that this is more than 200 words; I’m also using this just to get my ideas written down)

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