The Mylar Topology

This is an audio-visual piece intended for panoramic projection and spatial sound. This a piece in the form of visual music. It generates shapes based on the audio data interpreted by an algorithm. The artist, Paul Prudence, likes to do live performances because the visual produced in each performance is different each time due to how it is computed.

Paul Prudence has performed his work internationally and exhibited ways in which sound, space, and form can create intriguing cinematic experiences.

For the second project I will be looking at the interactive phone piano app Magic Piano by Smule. It is a relaxing app that contains several songs to play. Music notes are queued and prompted by little beams of light and the user must tap on them to play them that composes into a certain song. A user could also control which notes to play and the rhythm and speed.

I think the first project I looked at, the Mylar Typology, would be more immersive if the audience could also interact physically with the project. I think these two projects are great precedents to study for my final project, I would like to make a system that generates visuals from sounds generated by the user.

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