o.T., Astana Contemporary Art Center, Artists & Robots, 2017



Galerie Mitterrand, Paris, 2017

Peter Kogler, an Austrian artist, works on floors walls and ceilings with ling designs illusion for 30 years, bending spaces in unnatural ways. He manipulated box-shaped space to virtual maze of time and space. He creates undefined movement and sense of insecurity in spaces for people to experience in. He sees computer for artists as “liberated from many physical limitations of all former media”. He explores the new dimension in architecture.

I am interested in the idea of allowing people to question what is real and what is not. what is important and what is not. What values do we hold on. Human can be manipulated with visual easily, we only think what the normal spaces are like based on what we are used to. If we exposed to more of what diverse perspective spaces, will we be comfortable in those spaces one day?

‘Oscillate’ – Thesis Animation of Sine Waves by Daniel Sierra 2015

Sierra is a digital artists, designer, and creative coder who specializes in audio visualization, animation, and mixed reality experiences. In Oscillate, he was interested in the emergence of complexity in sound from fundamental sine and cosine waves, using tools like Houdini, Reason, Nuke, After Effects, and Processing.

In Oscillate, I am intrigued by how he presented the elements in we encounter daily to this delicate form. Moreover, he added on his own audio sound design to the original visualized sound elements. The splashes, strings, and lines create a great tension in between.

I liked how Peter Kogler and Daniel Sierra play with 2D and 3D with natural elements in space, giving the sense of mysteriousness and delicacy.

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