For the final project, I will be collaborating with Ethan Ye (ziningy1).  As design students, we are inspired by the motion graphic videos created by the Time, Motion and Communication design class taught by Dan Boyarski. The class focuses on designing and presenting time-based graphics on screen. Although the class uses tools like After Effects or Illustrator, after watching some examples of student work, we found that the graphics could potentially be created through coding as well. We’re interested in exploring the interaction of words, images, sounds, and motion. An example video of student work from the class:

To create the 30 -40 sec video, we intend on using coding techniques from 15-104 like turtle graphics, creating a server and implementing sound and images, objects, etc. We might also create some graphics in Illustrator or Photoshop to storyboard/visualize our project. Our video will use simple geometric shapes and changing scale, color, position to create interesting visuals.

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