Initial sketch iterations

For my project, I wanted to create a piano keyboard using the the keyboard of the computer. By pressing different keys, a different note will be played. To accompany these notes, I wanted to add different patterns, shapes, and colors. If chord, or multiple keys are played at the same time, then different patterns will be drawn. I am still deciding whether I want this to be an actual keyboard where a user will hit the keys, or use a piano song and generate the shapes according to those notes. When the keys are played I want to make the background so that the colors adjust the background and maybe even the appearing shapes.

Possible composition of shapes on the screen

With this project, I want to play around with how the shapes will appear on the screen not simply just pop out. Preferably, I would like them to draw out on the screen or transition through opacities. I also need to consider how the shapes will be placed on the screen according to the other shapes and not have everything simply merge together on a single screen.


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