For my final project, I want to make an interactive game inspired by Super Mario. The game will feature a penguin in which will travel throughout levels, avoiding obstacles and battling big predators, such as sharks. In addition, I am still thinking of ways I could make it educational. The penguin will be controlled by user inputs such as mouse pressed, dragged, or key pressed. The penguin will travel through an ever changing generative landscape, getting harder with each level. I also want to add a sound effect to accompany the actions.

Caption: Above, I created a model that will help me consolidate my thoughts. The model details different touch points, where the user interacts, throughout the game.   These interactions includes picking a player, jumping, slide on the belly, or fights.

Caption: Above, I created a storyboard that helped me visualize my game concept. Each frame illustrates a different human interaction throughout the game.

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