For my final project I am interested in making a twitter bot that either randomly generates abstract art by having the code run through a series of conditionals to represent different choices an artist would make, or takes tweets or images chosen by the user, and rearranges the pixels/words of the input and rearranges them to form abstract art/poetry. I did a bit of research and once you make an account for your twitter bot you can create an application that links to a url, or in my case, an index.html file. I think that twitter bots are interesting because a lot of times what seems to be randomly generated content turns out to be thoughtfully done to produce a comprehensible (or humorously uncomprehensible) outcome. I think the most difficult aspect of this project would be breaking down art and language down to its most basic parts, so that when reassembled according to how the code dictates, it is not completely nonsensical.
While it’s difficult for me to provide a sketch without actually writing the code, here are some inspirations that I expand upon in my looking outwards post

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