For my final project, I have a couple of ideas. One is to create a generative landscape with more thought put into the images that are appearing. I’d like to create my own drawings of creatures and landscapes and implement them into a landscape. I’d also like to put ambient sound to evoke a sense of space. There could also be an interactive component where clicking on certain objects or animals causes them to make sound. I am very interested in hand-drawn animations, and so I’d love to see if I could do this through JavaScript.

Another would be to use objects and incorporate sound so that whenever the user clicked them they would have their own unique sound. This could be in the form of animals on a farm, the forest or ocean, and so on. I would like the user to be involved somehow, though I am not quite sure how that will be integrated.

Regardless of which route I take, I would love to hit the user with feeling through the use of music, sound, visuals, color, etc. as mentioned in my LookingOutwards-12 post.

Example of possible drawings to use in a generative landscape

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