haewanp – Project 12 – Final Project Proposal

Generative Greeting Card

For the final project, I and my classmate Bettina collaborate to make generative greeting cards. Each of us will create a few different visual styles of cards (This will be the way we split up the work). Even if there are different styles and approaches, we are mainly focusing on creating typography with the techniques that we learned in the class so far. These are some approaches/styles that I am considering:

  1. Creating custom typefaces with geometric elements.
  2. Creating type with depicting pixels with lines, circle or any simple graphic elements. I used this approaches in my previous project
  3. Creating a graphic pattern.

In addition, I am considering that make data visualization approach with this card generator. For example, based on who is receiving this card, what is the purpose, what is the relationship between sender and receiver or etc, visual elements could be differentiated. I think some parameters should be clarified.

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