hannajan_Looking Outwards 12


Art Piece “True/False”

The first project that I found was called “True/False” by Onformative. This project is a kinetic sculpture made up of arrays of circular black metal segments in mechanical columns. The cylinders cover or expose the light to show an endless number of patterns. This visual makes up to show variations in the choreography that result in distinctive pattern changes. I found this particular project relevant to my final project because I also plan to use true or false statements to decide what to display given a certain command. Just like “True/False” shows variations in distinctive pattern changes, my project will show differences in outcomes depending on the variations of commands and situations that I code.

(Video Clip above showcases “4 rooms in one Tilt File”)

This is very different from the second project I found which is called “4 rooms in one Tilt File” by Stuart Campbell. In this art piece, the artist displays 4 different virtual worlds to the viewers. I found this particular art piece very compelling as he did a very good job in transporting the viewers to such a variety of different worlds. He is also usually a 2D artist but did a very good job in displaying this particular piece in the 3D form. I found this particular piece relevant to my final project as I also am planning to make a virtual world. I hope that my project is as convincing as Campbell’s of the existence of a whole new virtual world. This is different from “True/False” as “4 rooms in one Tilt File” is more relevant to the artistic aspect of my project, while “True/False” is more relevant to the coding aspect.

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