jiheek1 (Section D)–LookingOutwards-12-Project Priors and Precursors

I imagine combining Victor Doval’s concept of translating data visually (project 1) and the more game-related aspects and graphical elements of Monument Valley (project 2) in my project.

project 1:

Howler Monkey by Meier & Erdmann from Víctor Doval on Vimeo.

This project is a music video for an electronic music “Howler Monkey” by a German duo called Meier & Erdmann. The author of the project is Victor Doval, a visual artist. He created the music video in 2017 with an algorithm that converts frequencies into visual elements like peaks and flowers that ultimately generate a landscape! During the span of the music, the landscape progresses from day to night. Data from the source song is converted to different shapes and textures. I intend to use the concept of creating  dynamic depictions of data in the background of my project(which is a game). I wish for my canvas to respond/react to certain data(such as points) and show that in a visually enticing way.

For more information: an article that covers project  &  official project page

Project 2:

Monument Valley – Behind the Scenes from ustwo on Vimeo.

Monument Valley 2 by ustwo Games (2014) is a game about the exploration of a mother and a daughter through an impossible world from which the players could experience ever-changing landscapes and the relationship between a parent and a child. What I admire about this project and could possibly integrate into my project are aspects such as the ever-changing landscape with an element of surprise (similar to the project above), the use of the game as a storyteller, and the visual graphics. I especially admire the visual graphics of this project and would like to refer to them when creating my project.

captures of the ever-changing landscape of the game

For more information:
official project page


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