Looking Outwards – 12

Two pieces of software that are precursors to my project are Google Keep (keep.google.com) and Todoist (en.todoist.com). Google Keep is an awesome program for recording thoughts, but it is not great for organizing, integrating with a calendar, or holding documents. Additionally the interface as a mosaic of “keeps” can be difficult to quickly review. My interface takes a stronger active design voice by following strict guidelines. Todoist is an app centered around productivity. While this is a good approach, the app is still disconnected from a person’s files and internet resources. One dream I would like to include in this project is the ability to pull up bookmarked websites. Although these are not art projects, they are heavily designed computer programs that have the potential to increase the efficiency of working/paper writing. I enjoy this category of product because I am interested in knowledge generation, organization, and research.

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