Looking Outwards 12

For my final project I wanted to incorporate both maps and tracking data, so I looked for projects that used one or both of those.

The first project I looked at is “Mapping the World’s Friendships” by Stamen (https://stamen.com/work/facebook-mapping-the-worlds-friendships/). This project tracks the friendships of a people in a country with people from other countries. What I like about this work is how much  clear and detail information is presented. I also like how the abstraction of the data and the lack of precision with numbers makes it even more clear. However, the labeling and description of the piece makes it a little difficult to understand the concept. This next project I think does a much better job with clarity. The “Eyeo 2014 Poster” by Pitch Interactive tracks the data collected from Eyeo participants (http://pitchinteractive.com/work/eyeo2014poster.html). It tracks where in the world the participants “had their first kiss?” or “where they were on 9/11?”. This poster also is interactive, because it “tells a new story” with each rotation.

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