On Feeling Melancholy” by the YouTube channel, the School of Life, is a video and animation (done in collaboration by animators  Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee) that I absolutely love and appreciate. This video struck me when I first saw it, and though I can go into a longer discussion about its contents and themes, I’ll focus on the music, sound, and art for this post.

THE ARROW” by Emilio Yebra, an animator from Valencia based in Edinburgh, is also a great example of something I would love to implement into my final project. I love the rhythm of the music and sound effects and how it is quick, smooth, and matches the visuals.

I find that both of these projects are great examples of rich feeling and substance, particularly because of the way sound and visuals combine to strike the viewer or listener with feeling. I would love to create something along these lines in my final project, in that I give someone a unique feeling by stirring their senses.

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