merlebac Looking Outwards-12

Link to Outreach Programme on the Rwandan Genocide

Links to testimonies from survivors of the genocide

Testimony of Adeline a Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide

The two pieces of media that I was inspired by were the Frontline Documentary Ghosts of Rwanda and the primary sources from the Outreach Programme on the Rwandan Genocide. I first saw the Ghosts of Rwanda documentary in my sophomore year of high school. We were doing a unit on genocide and inhumane atrocities. The documentary highlighted the atrocities committed during the genocide, as well as the lack of response from the media and the United States as a whole. The exerts from the survivors are something that I wouldn’t consider to be art. However, I feel that for a project like this it is important to include stories from people who experienced the genocide. To me, these stories are something that no amount of artistic vision can compare to. Despite being vastly different sources, the two documents that I chose have a large amount in common. They both cover the experiences of people who suffer during the genocide, and hope to preserve the stories of the people that died. One criticism that I would have with Ghosts of Rwanda is that I wish it questioned some of the people in America who opposed intervening in the genocide.

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