merlebac Proposal

A sketch of what my project might look like.

Trigger Warning: this post contains a violent and graphic image.

For my final project, I would like to do an interactive mural of the Rwandan Genocide. It would by a 400 by 800 canvas split into two sections. The bottom section would be an image of Bill Clinton with one of his statements on the Rwandan Genocide. If you clicked on the image it would play a recording of that statement. The upper half of the canvas would be a bit more complicated. It would contain a checkerboard pattern of images of the genocide, and names of the survivors. If one of the images was clicked on it would enlarge to encompass the entire upper half of the canvas. If you clicked on the name of a survivor, it would play a recording of their experience. The main message would be to show that the genocide was an immense atrocity, and it went mostly ignored by the Clinton administration. Completing this would be a challenge, but I don’t think it would be impossible. The biggest obstacle that stands in my way would likely be the amount of images and audio files that I would need to store in preload.

Image result for rwandan genocide
An image I would possibly use for the upper half of the canvas.

The Story of Hilaire: a Survivor of the Rwandan Genocide

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