mjeong1-Looking Outwards-12-Section A

“Swipe Brick Breaker” by Monthly 23 (Yoonsup Choi)

In research for my precursor project, I decided to compare different app games that have been popular among my friends. First game, Swipe Brick Breaker is a simple and very addictive game that I recently fell in love. Swipe Brick Breaker is a mobile app game developed by Monthly 23. Monthly23(Yoonsup Choi) is independent one man developer who release game every month. He makes addictive minimalist game for all ages. I like how he creates interesting game with simple geometry and simple rules. The rule for this game is simply swipe to shoot balls to break bricks. When the ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to 0, brick breaks. You should get the green circle to increase the number(power) of balls. When the bricks reach the bottom line, game is over.

link to appstore for brick breaker

“Ready Steady Bang” by  The Cowboy

Second game that I looked into is “Ready Steady Bang” by The Cowboy Games limited. Ready Steady Bang is a simple shooter game, perfect for gamers who love the minimalist approach.This black and white cartoon-like dueling game has players tap their side of the screen as soon as the countdown is finished. The twist? The “bang” happens at random intervals, meaning you have to wait to hear it before you can pull the trigger. This game relies on pure speed and reflexes and is perfect to play with a friend. Although, it does have a single-player mode that increases difficulty as you progress further.

link to ready steady bang

Key part I like the most about the first game is calculating reflection angle with the bouncing wall. Second game is interesting because it requires perfect timing when the shooting is required. I like how both of them take minimalist approach to its design and  operation. I also like how they rely on simple “tapping” or “pressing” instead of complex control keys or mouse control. For my final project I want to combine two project to create minimalist shooting game. I initially took a idea of shooting and aiming method from the ready steady bang. Like brick breaker game, I want to create a game that people have to aim precisely at target object and calculate the reflection angle with the edges of the canvas to make a shoot.

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