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The first project I’ve found is by Greg Borenstein, called “Ten Seconds”.

Here’s a video describing it:

Greg constructed a very simple game using methods we have already gone over in class. I could construct the game now, and that fact inspires me to make something like it. The project was created 2016-03-25.

I also want to highlight an indie developer and composer named Toby Fox. He built the extremely well-known indie game “Undertale”.

I realize this is lame, but the best resource I can find explaining the game is the Wiki page:

The way he constructed the game was incredibly simple, and he used every possible aspect of creativity that he could to make the game crush all expectations. I think the art, music, and storyline are all brilliant, and I hope to learn from what Toby created. The game was published September 15, 2015.

I hope to construct a very small version of something similar to Undertale, so the game is a big inspiration.

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