^Jay van Cleef – A Minimal Love Story

For the first project, I looked at a student’s project which was a very simple concept of combining minimal graphic concepts with different visual attributes and noises to give a short minute long story that represents every romantic movie, story, tale, poem, etc. In the story he has a male and a female figure represented by coloured squares, a barrier that comes in between them as a literal barrier that stops them from meeting each other and the process that the ‘male square’ goes through to break that barrier, with the final outcome being the squares reuniting.

I found this really interesting because he conveyed every emotion that these ‘graphics’ would be feeling through the use of the correctly placed sound, and I would really like to look into something like this for my work.

^Carlo Vega – An Expansion

Going on the same line of looking at artists and motion designers that combine simple graphics with sounds to bring about a different emotion and create a compelling animation, I came across the work of Carlo Vega, a motion designer. He takes a much more experienced are artistic approach to this entire concept of combining coding and sounds to bring about beautiful animations that I would love to use as an inspiration for my project 12 work.

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