For my final project, I wanted to take inspiration from my looking outwards and create some minimal graphics that alter slightly according to certain types of music – so from one beat to another the graphics look like they are moving to the beat but as soon as a different music type comes in, it can be that a completely new graphic comes in. I al also playing around with the idea of using these graphics to create a small animation story – like a really simple story that is represented using no facial expressions but rather how really simple graphics interact with each other and having these small interacting graphics heighten their ‘expressions’ using small sounds.

What I know for certain about my project is the type of graphics that I will be using and coding, that there most likely will be sounds involved that relate the situation and that my graphics will be telling a small story using these animations. My aim is to create some very simple motion graphics work.

^some of the simple graphics that i could use and play around with

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