Dance Dance Revolution heavily inspired my Project 12 proposal, and although it is not necessarily an art piece, I think the game has several extremely interesting interactions that I could use for my project. Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR, did not originate in America – it originated in Japan in 1998 and was developed by a video game company called Konami. At the time, the game was critically acclaimed for being original and upbeat, and now it is seen not only in arcades but also in homes. The premise of the game is to step on the arrows that correspond with the ones shown on the screen, typically against another player, for points.
I definitely wonder about the code that created this game – I imagine it to be fairly complicated, since I can only comprehend maybe a quarter of what is going on. Either way, I find it an incredibly game and project. It brings back a lot of memories for me.

The second project is by a design creative studio called Design IO LLC called Connected Worlds. Connected Worlds is an interactive connected ecosystem that consists of six different ecosystems on interactive screens. The thing I like most about this installation is how interactive it is to the audience – it is almost like a game, and those are interactions I can use to inspire for my final project for this class, such as moving logs and connecting to creatures. It looks as though you are interacting with these different ecosystems as though you were there.Connected Worlds was developed using openFrameworks.

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