I used one of the advertisements of Apple’s commercials as one of my Looking Outwards examples since there are a lot of relevant elements with this video and what I want to create with this final project. The simple movement of the shapes accompanied the sound so well despite the total simplicity. I like how this example considered not just new shapes appearing on the screen, but also how some shapes blend into new ones. Also, the video primarily utilizes circles to create the shapes and motion and yet is still able to convey so much movement and meaning.

My second example for this week’s LookingOutwards is Jono Brandel’s patapap video. Another example of motion graphics accompanying music. What I liked about this video was the incorporation of color, creating enough contrast between the foreground shapes and the background. When creating my project I think it is important to consider that the shapes must be distinct from each other and should all be noticeable.

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