So for my Final Project, I would like to create a website where the users can draw and write their thoughts about a particular word or a phrase on a blank canvas using a cursor. Once they are done they will be automatically be uploaded to a page where there is a collection of these drawings and writings so they can see what other people have drawn or wrote about the topic.

For the topics on the first page, I will select a topic that is broad enough so there could be different interpretations and opinions but I would also like to post something that is politically charged. People who participate will be anonymous so we can have an honest and open discussion board for the people to participate.

This work could be interpreted as a political artifact, but I would want to explore this prompt as a way for my self to see what people think about the world that is around them.

elizabew – project – 12 – Proposal – Choose your adventure

Inspired by many rpg and choose your adventure games that I’ve played throughout the years, I wanted to create one of my own (granted, it’ll be much simpler than the ones I was inspired by).

The story for this project is still up in the air to potentially change, but I want to create an escape horror story. It starts out with your character (possibly a narrator instead) inside a pitch-black building, trying to figure a way out. Most of the endings will be considered “bad endings” with one “neutral ending” and one “true ending”. Instead of focusing on graphics, I thought it would be more tense if the user is placed in a situation where they can’t see where they are, but they can hear the sounds around them. The only thing they can “see” is just the text options that they can choose to allow them to continue along the story.

Choose your adventure idea

The interactive part of the game will be the choices the user makes. I considered randomizing some of the story branches – but i felt it would complicate the story more and potentially confuse the player.

mmirho – Looking Outwards – Gamer Makers

The first project I’ve found is by Greg Borenstein, called “Ten Seconds”.

Here’s a video describing it:

Greg constructed a very simple game using methods we have already gone over in class. I could construct the game now, and that fact inspires me to make something like it. The project was created 2016-03-25.

I also want to highlight an indie developer and composer named Toby Fox. He built the extremely well-known indie game “Undertale”.

I realize this is lame, but the best resource I can find explaining the game is the Wiki page:

The way he constructed the game was incredibly simple, and he used every possible aspect of creativity that he could to make the game crush all expectations. I think the art, music, and storyline are all brilliant, and I hope to learn from what Toby created. The game was published September 15, 2015.

I hope to construct a very small version of something similar to Undertale, so the game is a big inspiration.

hyt-Project-12: Final Proposal

For the final project, my initial idea is to create an interactive, animation-like game that aims to raise awareness for those affected by ALS. In the game that I am envisioning, I want to create a set of actions the users can interact with the “person” — cleaning, patting, hugging, etc. Since the person will be automatically set to blue-ish color, signifying his coldness as ice cracks climbs up to his feet, these set of actions will activate warmness to take away his pale blue colors and turn his body into warmer hues, signifying his rise of vitality. The source of warmness will come from his animated heart, and the users would have to occasionally interact with the “person” for a better mood and vitality.

Even though at this point I am not yet sure about how to execute it, I hope to learn more about creating animation in P5.JS, as well as different mouse functions that could optimally turn the mouse shape into customized patterns. Below is a visualized sketch for what I am thinking right now.


I thought this particular Super Mario game could be relevant to my final project idea. Basically, what I am looking to make is a game where the user controls a main character to move (walk, jump, duck, etc) and achieve goals such as avoiding obstacles, meeting other characters, and collecting items. Me and my partner decided to base the story our game off of the novel “A Little Prince,” and have the character collect (or learn) items (knowledges) as he proceeds. The aspect that I especially thought was helpful in developing our vision for our project in this Super Mario game, was that not only the interaction is relevant, it leads the user to different stages as the character exits the frame, which gets us to help the viewer understand the shift of environments because in the novel, the little prince has to travel from planet to planet in order to meet different characters. I thought this game was interesting to look at because not only it challenges the user through the obstacles in the map, it also opens up an opportunity for the user to think based on whatever I decide to place at the end of each map.

Another piece that I was inspired by was the online game Maplestory, which is basically a game where you are given quests through interactions with static characters and solving them. I was largely inspired not only how the user controls the character, but also its aspect of having conversations with characters embedded in the environment, and how it affects the character that the user is controlling. So, I am going to merge aspects of these two games to make my final project.


For my project I was looking at twitter bots: specifically art bots and poetry bots.

Tweet by @pixelsorter

@pixelsorter is an art bot that utilizes pixel sorting. The pixels of a base image are sorted and rearranged according to some value of the pixels, such as how much green is in each pixel, to create a new composition.

tweet by @a_quilt_bot

@a_quilt_bot is a bot that takes images submitted by followers and recreated them by editing visually similar photo snippets of fabric into place, creating what looks like the submitted image were it made into a quilt.

I’m interested in this kind of art because I think it makes use of a medium (in this case twitter) in a way that the medium wasn’t intended for originally. I view these projects as starting points, and want to include a generative element in addition to reorganization of the original content.

Other inspiration!

Nonsense Haikus, Using the Tweets of Donald Trump

Looking Outwards 12

For my final project I wanted to incorporate both maps and tracking data, so I looked for projects that used one or both of those.

The first project I looked at is “Mapping the World’s Friendships” by Stamen ( This project tracks the friendships of a people in a country with people from other countries. What I like about this work is how much  clear and detail information is presented. I also like how the abstraction of the data and the lack of precision with numbers makes it even more clear. However, the labeling and description of the piece makes it a little difficult to understand the concept. This next project I think does a much better job with clarity. The “Eyeo 2014 Poster” by Pitch Interactive tracks the data collected from Eyeo participants ( It tracks where in the world the participants “had their first kiss?” or “where they were on 9/11?”. This poster also is interactive, because it “tells a new story” with each rotation.

LookingOutwards12 – jooheek

One source or inspiration for our project is the video of Spirited Away in 8 bit game form. In this game, the character is moved through keys and there are various interactions that the character has throughout. She meets other characters that are in the movie and there are different missions that she has to complete in order to go through the next scene. This game is similar to what we want to make because of the interactiveness of the game. Just like this video, we want the user to be able to control the character and get to an end goal by achieving different items or missions, or interacting with other characters. I really admire the visuals and the different interesting interactions that are included in the game that go very well with the theme of the actual movie.

Another source of inspiration for our project is the dinosaur game on Google Chrome when there is no internet connection. For this game, the movement of the dinosaur is similar to what we want the movement of our character in our game to be. This game is similar to the Spirited Away game above in that their concepts are similar where the character is moved by the user and have to avoid obstacles to get to the end goal. However, the dinosaur game and the Spirited Away game are different in that the Spirited Away one has more components to it, as the dinosaur one is just jumping over cacti. We want to combine the interaction that is included in these games to create our game for our final project.

The dinosaur game


For my final project I am interested in making a twitter bot that either randomly generates abstract art by having the code run through a series of conditionals to represent different choices an artist would make, or takes tweets or images chosen by the user, and rearranges the pixels/words of the input and rearranges them to form abstract art/poetry. I did a bit of research and once you make an account for your twitter bot you can create an application that links to a url, or in my case, an index.html file. I think that twitter bots are interesting because a lot of times what seems to be randomly generated content turns out to be thoughtfully done to produce a comprehensible (or humorously uncomprehensible) outcome. I think the most difficult aspect of this project would be breaking down art and language down to its most basic parts, so that when reassembled according to how the code dictates, it is not completely nonsensical.
While it’s difficult for me to provide a sketch without actually writing the code, here are some inspirations that I expand upon in my looking outwards post


For this project, I intended to do some experimenting data visualization that focuses on environmental conservation. My goal was to visualize the data from NASA. Some possible data sets are Carbon Dioxide, Global Temperature, Arctic Sea Ice Minimum, Land Ice, and Sea Level. However, what I want to communicate is not as complicated as the “climate time machine” nor the fancy graphs. Instead, I want to take the advantage of p5js and do some animations’/graphics’ movements that represent these statistics in a much simpler way. The project is intended to make not only the scientists aware of global warming (which they have already done enough), but spread the awareness to all ages in all social classes. I intended to try my best ability to convert some of the changes to very appealing and easy-to-connect graphics. Below are two of my starting ideas.

The first one conveys an easier version and a harder version as I haven’t experimented with my ideas and don’t know the achievability.

The second one deals more about the physic module we have learned in class. I will use elements like “gravity”, “damping”, “spring”, and etc.