Looking Outwards – 01

Photo by Pablo Enriquez taken at MoMA PS1

Jenny E.Sabin’s Lumen project is really interesting because her project allows for many varieties of transformation and multiple experiences. She got inspiration from this project by thinking about architecture, materials, and their response to the environment. Through this project she was able to innovate the application of materials to bigger scales. The canopy of Lumen is made up of windows of different sized cells and conical forms hang down various lengths from it. Each individual solar active fiber is knit through a Shima Seiki machine with the whole project consisting of over a million yards of thread. Because of its lightweight texture, there is continuous movement and with its fiber makeup, it generates a reactive response with the sun. The process of this project require a robot to test weave the fibers around a mold and computational software like rhinoceros and grasshopper to simulate how these fibers might move. The process for this project was long and required the help of her students, Dr. Peter Lloyd Jones, his lab, other research associates, and Andrew Lucia.

Lumen Article – Author: Laura Amaya on Jenny Sabin Discusses ‘Lumen’ as MoMA PS1’s 2017 Young Architects Program Open

Lumen Video


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