Jenni Lee – Looking Outwards – 01

Demo of VR automative design

Seymourpowell’s virtual reality tool for automative design enables designers in different locations to collaboratively participate in design projects. It acts as an augmented reality 3D drawing modelling tool for full-sized sketches of automobiles. Collaborators are able to dial into the project through a VR headset, the 3D sketch then projecting in front of them, allowing them to fully experience the design.

I admire this project, as not only will this tool allow for efficient virtual collaboration and advanced sketching features, but it will open paths for future designers by allowing them to understand how their car designs will exist in physical environments in various conditions. As I’m interested in products that intersect art and technology, this virtual reality tool is especially intriguing to me because it will be used across engineering, marketing, and design fields.

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