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the future of transportation: printed one part at a time

While browsing through the futurefeeder blog, I came across a post about an artist who 3D printed an entire motorcycle. The artist recreated an entire Honda CB500 with just an Ultimaker 3D printer. Impressive, is it not? To me, not really. 3D printing vehicles has been a hot topic as of late and companies like Strati have already started prototyping 3D printed vehicles, that work. Of course none of Strati’s vehicles are entirely 3D printed, but the time soon will come when all parts and components to vehicles will be 3D printed. 3D printed vehicles come with many advantages, such as: lighter vehicle weight, reduced material loss, faster iteration process during the design process,  easier parts replacement, and anyone can customize their own cars. There will obviously be bumps along the process, but this seems like the clear future of the transportation industry.

New York artist creates a life-sized Honda CB500 motorcycle using just an Ultimaker 3D printer



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