Kevin Riordan Looking Outwards-01

This project is called The Healer, and was created by Brian Tessler and Jon Baken as part of their entertainment website, Cool 3D World. I could not find exactly what program they used, but it seems to be something similar to Maya, Daz3D, or Cinema 4D. This video caught my attention because of how different the style is from other animated videos, and how the backgrounds seem realistic but the character models all seem to be purposely weird and lower quality than they could be. I admire how the video doesn’t seem to be inspired by anything, and how Brian Tessler leaves the video up for interpretation, never revealing the meaning behind any of his videos. In an interview, he said that even though the video is meaningful to him, it is up to the viewer to figure out their own personal meaning, and how it affects their life, if it even does at all. He goes on to say that one of his goals with the project is to make the viewer feel all range of emotions from his videos, and even though the content is ridiculous, it can sometimes still be sad, crazy, or even scary.

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