Sharon Yang Looking Outwards – 01

The computational art project that caught my eye was on Facebook as I was scrolling through the feed. The artist Antoni Tudisco expresses humor through food made into human figures and the comical dance movements of the figure. I admire the creativity in his way of expressing humor; the sense of satisfaction and excitement engendered from eating or seeing the food is delivered. Tudisco also incorporates the trending as well as comical dance movements programmed highly realistically.

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You can also see irony in the videos in which the human figure does workout movements with the food, chicken drumsticks and such. The audience can relate to the irony in his artworks as most of us cannot resist these snacks and attempt to recover from the loss of self-control through exercising afterwards. Tudisco comically expresses this through his art pieces with amazing techniques and details in the dance movements and the images of food.

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Antoni Tudisco first got interested in photo editing as he created his own profile picture in MySpace when he was 13. He learned photo editing with Photofiltre and Gimp. At the age of 16, I established a clothing line named “Manila apparel” and sold t-shirts and hoodies with his own designs on them. He taught himself to use digital tools such as Adobe Palette as he started exploring 3D computational art.

Tudisco says his inspiration was and still is his own life. His childhood was strongly influenced by the 90’s cartoons like Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and VoltesV and as time went on, he started to develop his own style in Illustrating.

He has many clients around the world, mostly big brands including Nike, MTV and Balenciaga. I believe the project points at a bright future for creative 3D arts and the artist Tudisco. Tudisco, being the ambitious and passionate artist that he is, wants to build his own empire and his own brands and ad agency. He encourages to other artists to be themselves to express their creativity and develop their own styles and follow their dreams.

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