Alexandra Kaplan-Looking Outwards-01


This video shows highlights from the AURA project.

The Moment Factory is an international company that specializes in interactive and media-based spaces and art. Their AURA project is a multimedia show located in the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, which uses technology to completely alter the space through extensive projection-mapping.

I am unsure of all of the programs they used to create the content, but some of the in-process photos on their website show the program Cinema 4D. I can tell by looking through their in-process photos on their website that it was a very intensive and laborious process. I find this project inspiring in how the artists used the existing architecture and meaning of the space to create something transcendent, despite the many technological problems the space provided. They also combined visuals and sound in a very compelling way. Even though I am unsure how much coding was used throughout this project, I would be interested in learning more how code can be used in conjunction with programs such as Cinema 4D and other media creation programs.


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