Looking Outwards-01 Sophia Kim


While studying fine arts in high school, I have always been inspired to go “above and beyond” and combine different mediums of art to amaze the viewers. Because of this inspiration, I have been intrigued by different interactive art projects that combine various art forms.

I found Adrien M and Claire B’s interactive installation, “Hakanaï,” to be very inspirational and fascinating because it combined technology, dance, and art to work in harmony, creating a hybrid of the physical and digital world. I admired how Adrien M and Claire B strayed away from the traditional form of art and made it interactive, so that the audience can have a personal experience. Also, it was very interesting that the installation was generated live and had each iteration (the performance has approximately six iterations) to be unique from one another.

Adrien M and Claire B are the creators of the installation. They invited different dancers to perform with their installation. They used video projection mapping, CGI, and sensors to depict every motion the dancer makes. Adrien and Claire created Hakanaï based on the beauty of nature. It took the creators many years to develop the software and many years of practicing with the performers.

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