Susie Lee – Looking Outwards- 01

A few years ago, a classmate of mine created this project that took the words of individuals and compiled them into a book. Called “Something Kind” by Marisa Lu, she collected the responses of Amazon Turk workers when asked to “write about something unexpectedly nice that someone did” for them. In order to highlight and inspire readers to take action, the book emphasizes the action words in the stories, highlighting a greater focus of “go & do”. The project utilized human computation through Amazon Mechanical Turk, several short programs in Processing, and Basil.js. I was really impressed and inspired by this project because how humanistic the approach was even thought it was one focused on computation. I also appreciated the small design details such as the heart form in the corner and sides of the book! In the post about the project, she mentioned how Maeda @ media was one of her inspirations during this project! This project really points out the opportunity of mixing in human emotion and responses to something that is generally more considered mechanical/ robotic. It is possible to mix in interaction with computation and I am excited to explore that!


Something Kind
Marisa Lu

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