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There’s one remarkable project that I find the obligation to introduce in my blog, that is the on-going construction, or rather completion of The Basilica of Sagrada Família, the true master piece designed by Antoni Gaudí, one of the greatest architects of all time. In 1926, Gaudí was strucked by a passing number 30 tram and soon died while his greatest work Sgrada Familia was still under construction, less than a quarter finished. Since then the project was progressed solely under the support of public donations and personal foundings, and after 144 years, the progress of the construction was finally greatly accelerated with the help of computer aided design and computerized numerical control, and will soon be completed in year of 2026.

The 3D model of Sagrada Família.

One of the schemes that was put into use is a virtual reality pilot program, helping the building department to understand the building and its surroundings and also functioning as a useful aid for field architects. Another computational technology is computer animations, giving people better visualizations of the fields and future developments.

This project really did inspire me because that showed me how computation can hugely benefit for us, and the beauty we can construct with it.

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