Looking Outwards – 03

Syntopia | Behind the scenes | Iris van Herpen | Photo by Molly SJ Lowe.

Syntopia is a collection by Iris van Herpen that was inspired by the organic and inorganic, in which biology comes together with technology. She collaborated with other artists from Studio Drift to create life-like immersive sculptures through the use of movement. I believe that she was inspired to slow down time through chronophotography to capture the different layers. This new perspective helped change her style of work because she found a unique way of the usual draping of garments. She studied bird flight and avian motion carefully to get to her final results. Using the bird’s sound wave patterns, she was able to use a layering of acrylic and silk to mimic the architecture of a feather, and you can visually see that from the photo above.  I was really fascinated by her collections and the processes she and others go through to achieve their end results.

Syntopia – Behind the scenes
Couture of Syntopia – About the collection

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