Connor McGaffin – Looking Outwards – 03

“Deoptimized Chair” – Daniel Wildrig (2013)                                                                                    an  exploration of generative form in furniture (source)

Daniel Wildrig is a sculptor as well as a fashion and furniture designer whose work explores generative form at the intersection of a geometric and organic qualities. Formerly working alongside Zaha Hadid, Wildrig was heavily involved in the process of creating some of the studio’s most iconic buildings.

Wildrig’s sensibilities are relatively aligned with the work while at Hadid, however on a much smaller scale. The buildings designed at Wildrig’s former studio also shares aesthetic similarities with the natural world.

I am drawn to this particular project because of its seemingly complex solution to the relatively simple design problem of creating an object for resting. I also am engaged by the further juxtaposition of such sharp forms that work to create an artifact for comfort.

I would suppose that the algorithms that led to this final product consist of some sort of base “unit”, likely the dynamic hexagonal shape seen on the outskirts of the chair. There is likely a random generation of these units with a higher assigned density at the structural core of the chair.


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