Min Jun Kim- Looking Outwards 3

Artwork by Torolf Sauermann.

This week’s topic is about computational fabrication. While doing some research, I came across an artist by the name of Torolf Sauermann. He creates a lot of unique sculptures that have been 3D printed as the ones shown above. He creates fascinatingly impossible figures that probably couldn’t be constructed by a human alone. What I admire the most about his artwork is that it endlessly pushes the boundaries of the 3D world. The artwork presented above has the characteristics of a Möbius strip which is a ring that only has one side. I admire the fact at how intricate it is and how insanely difficult it would be to create without the usage of a 3d printer.
As for how it was generated, I think that it was definitely modeled by a 3d rendering software. I assume that he had a simpler version of the model, like a skeleton or some lines, that were filled in and made more intricate over time through the usage of algorithms. I think the artist’s genius to create such forms in his mind simply manifested into material form.

Below are some of his other artworks:

Another artwork by sauermann


Some links to the sources of the art found online:

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