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Meshu: 3D-Printed Custom Jewelry

Process diagram and example Meshu earrings

In 2012, Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang launched their 3D-printed custom jewelry business, Meshu. Binx and Hwang found a way to materialize and share their expertise in design technology and love for travel. A customer simply needs to enter locations of personally significant cities and a “Meshu” is generated and fabricated. “The data for Meshu comes from OpenStreetMap, and is served from Mapzen.”

I think the whole concept of Meshu is unique and very personal. It goes beyond capturing memories through photos or buying a souvenir magnet from the places you’ve traveled. The custom jewelry seem bold, but their special significance is not explicit— many would assume the piece is simply a random geometric shape. However, since the algorithm uses the meaningful locations specified by each customer, it always creates a unique piece.

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