Min Jun Kim- Looking Outwards 4

This is a descriptive video explaining Christina Kubisch’s series of art installations involving sound

The project is art installations with an immersive experience where an audience can walk around wires and technology through space with headphones to listen to various and creative sounds that can be heard through the headphones. The theory behind this working is electromagnetic induction where fields are disrupted when electrical objects move near each other. I admire that this project involves discovery as well as a creative process. Kubisch was able to discover a phenomenon through curiosity and then applied creative process to turn it into an art where everyone can experience. I thought that this project was very unique and innovative in that it’s not really a known category of art- especially at the time that it was discovered. I admire these aspects because I’ve sometimes felt as if the boundaries of art are limited, and that we are limited by the tools that we have at hand, whether it be a paintbrush or styrofoam, but with discovery we are able to expand the boundaries of art far beyond what is it now. I suppose that the magnets that shake within the headphones are processed by the algorithms and then turned into sound data which is what the user hears. The creators artistic sensibilities are manifested into final forms when she designs various electrical constructs that allows users to experience various sounds generated by them. I think that with the broadness of technology there are so many directions that can be taken with this type of art.

source: https://www.sfmoma.org/christina-kubisch-discovering-new-sounds/

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